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Project  Twin  Streams


The Project Twin Streams, Ranui-Massey-Swanson area runs from the bridge on Swanson Rd (near Parklands Rd), downstream to the Huruhuru Creek.


The area includes the Waimoko, Momotu and Swanson streams, which were overgrown and neglected in many places when the project began. However, with the continued energy and enthusiasm of the Ranui, Massey and Swanson communities, these streams are being restored to healthy and beautiful places.

Everyone mucks in regardless of whether it's rain, hail or shine.  Even the dog helps out by providing the kids even more fun.

As you can see it's not all work and no play.  Oh dear...the girls in the wheel-barrow seem to have taken a break at the wrong time. That was a very wet day indeed.

Give us a call to see how you can help us take care of our beautiful streams.  Whether you are a group, a school or even a resident who lives near a stream.  We can show you how you can nurture our streams so that we all can enjoy them for many years to come.

Keep Waitakere beautiful! 

Te Ukaipo manage the contract for Ranui-Massey-Swanson. Joanne is our Project Twin Streams Co-ordinator.  We hold streamside community events where the wider community is invited to become involved in planting, weeding, mulching, clearing rubbish etc. We also work with groups within the community who have adopted an area of the stream that they care for on a long term basis.


We believe that every individual and group within the community has something valuable to contribute to the project, and we welcome anyone who wishes to be involved.


Keep updated with what's going on in your community.


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