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VISION: Safe, healthy and vibrant rangatahi/youth and their whanau/families from West Auckland, reaching their potential, free from risk.


MISSION: Through community develpoment initiatives, quality programmes and services, Te Ukaipo works with youthand families in West Auckland to help them achieve their potential, providing pathways out of risk.



6th of October 2017

St. Paul's Youth Fair

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Youth Navigation is our platform that focusses on the development of youth in the Waitakare Community. Youth activites, youth events, youth after-school programs, youth education, youth, youth and it is all about our youth. 


Wellness Navigation is our whanau/family support service platform we offer. It is developed to help support the families of the youth we work with, whether it is assisting with employment needs, support, mentoring, health and wellbeing.


Our environment is our home, and we take pride in caring and looking after the place we live. Te Ukaipo's Project Twin Streams is developed as a large-scale environmental restoration venture. We provide streamside workshops for the wider community to get involved, and also help other groups who have adopted an area of the stream that they care for.

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29th January 2016

Friday provided us with the perfect day to host a free BBQ for the community outside Ranui Public Library. Te ukaipo staff created a great, fun filled atmosphere and the community were welcome to have a sausage as long as they filled out a survey form on our services we provided. Overall, the day proved to be a huge hit and the staff are excited to get out and host more days like that. To participate in our survey please feel free to click HERE, it will only take 1-2mins of your time and we would really appreciate your feedback.


28th January 2016

Last Thursday a total of 10 youth made themselves available to participate in the first event for the Hood Project. So, they were treated to a day of fun and games, but were also needed to outline key dates for an planning of a youth event. This project is directed by Carly Kirby, and Shay Potini who are wanting to give high schieveing youth a chance to give back to the community. For more information on this program contact:

Twin Streams - Te Ukaipo Collaboration with RAP House

21st January 2016

It was all happening down at Urlich Reserve in Ranui, Te Ukaipo's Twin stream project collaborated with RAP House's Move It program to share some environmental awareness. RAP house brought 60 kids down to park where Te Ukaipo coordinated some fun activities and environmental projects. The youth were taught basic messages such as, the importance of keeping the stream clean, and how mulching helps the plants that grow by the stream. It was a great fun-filled day for not only the youth but the other people in the community that came to participate.

Happy New Year from Te Ukaipo

13th January 2016

2016 has officially kickstarted and we would like to wish everyone a happy new year and we hope that you all kept safe over the festive summer break. Over the past week we have been reflecting on 2015 and vigorously planning for 2016 so that we can continue to offer great community events, and programs for youth in West Auckland. So, keep updated by checking out our facebook page, and right here on our website, because it's going to be an exciting fun year. 

Te Ukaipo Receive Police Award

16th December 2015

Over the past year, Te Ukaipo has teamed up with the neighbourhood police team to provide more services and support to the youth of Ranui. Their main initiative has been with 3x3 basketball events organised on a grass roots level as a community activity. Today, Te Ukaipo received a donation from New Zealand Police Manager's Guild Trust in recognition of the initiatives they have undertaken this year. Sergeant Donna Govorko expressed her gratitude toward the team at Te Ukaipo, and truly felt that they have had such a positive impact on the community in Ranui. Te Ukaipo are excited about putting the donation toward events and planning for the community in the new year. They can not wait to start on the next 3x3 event, so make sure to keep you eyes and ears out as you do not want to miss out. 


23rd November 2015

This year Te Ukaipo began using basketball as a vehicle to teach leadership development & promote Anti-Bullying messages in low-decile schools in the Ranui/West Auckland region. These schools include Summerland Primary, Ranui Primary and Birdwood School. We ran training sessions for each school once per week during their lunch breaks, as we focused on a different value each month. At the beginning of Term 3 we selected 3 kids from each school & entered them in a main stream year 5&6 basketball season held at the Trust Stadium in Waitakere. 10 Kids were selected on their interest level, how they responded to our leadership development sessions as well as their willingness to promote positive Anti-bullying messages amongst their peers. The kids that were selected had never played basketball before or been a part of any team sports. On the 24th of November they won the grand final in a very exciting and close overtime win. It’s been exciting to see the growth in interest from the player’s parents and family members. This youth basketball program has provided more opportunities to work alongside more families and build healthy relationships with the players parents as we aim to build stronger, safer and more harmonies communities within Ranui.

Safety Tips for Families Over the Summer Holidays

20th November, 2015

The christmas period is a time for celebrations and enjoying time with friends and family. Sadly during this time there are increases in calls for service for Police and support agencies to attend property crime, disorder and Family Violence incidents.


There are a number of prevention steps we can all take to ensure that these incidents are reduced and the harm they can cause individuals....

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