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Cecily Mantell
Executive Officer

In recent times I have held Senior Management positions within the agencies that I have worked. I have particularly enjoyed this as it has allowed me to enhance the support that has been delivered to clients through ensuring practitioners are working from a sound value and practice base. I am particularly rigorous with the Supervision process as this is vital to successful service delivery.


I am of Maori and Canadian descent, my humble beginnings come from a little place on the West Coast in the North Island called Whangape and have affiliations through my nana to Panguru. My father was French Canadian and reigned from Vancour.  I enjoy the company of people and working as a team and am known for my sense of humor.  In my journey of life I have experienced many opportunities to fill my basket with experience and knowledge, and in particular the different mentors who have supported me throughout this time, I feel privileged to share my learning and more so to be an open person to take on new ways as well.


 Lastly I would like to add I thoroughly enjoy new projects and give 100% towards working on these . I have no difficulties with change as I see change is an important part of growth. I am well known for wearing lots of hats and can comfortably multi task where there is a need. 

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